Competitive Intelligence

Buy-side, Sell-side, and Intermediary

“Viewyonder gave us the insights we didn’t know we needed. Eye opening and game changing.”

Tech B2B challenges

We have skill gaps.
Jobs don’t get done.
We can’t find the right people.
We’re running out of time.
The budget doesn’t match.
They need onboarding and training.
We’re frustrated!

Over budget.
Reduced bandwidth.
Hiring fatigue.
Lost opportunities.
Overdue deadlines.
Slower delivery.
Lower quality work.
Lack of experience

Augment your team and with fractional B2B tech expertise from experienced Viewyonder experts.

Turn it on.
Get jobs done.
Turn it off.

Cloud Partners and Marketplaces

Coming soon – content, guides, and services for cloud partners and marketplaces.

Cloud Partners



Cloud Marketplaces



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