Are sales talking a different language to marketing? Are both are on a different planet from your main product or service? You might have a positioning problem. Solving this will give you consistent content across the business.

The way to solve this is to follow a simple 5-step process with your team. This isn’t just marketing’s job: it’s everyone’s job, and needs to be sponsored by the CEO.

There are 8 steps in the Viewyonder Blog Post Service.

We’ve been blogging for nearly 20 years and while some things have change, some things have not. Interest, accuracy, quality, speed, and business goals are still key ingredients.

A professional, performant competitive intelligence function is staff with the right people, using the right tools for the right practices.

We can add bandwidth to your team with competitive research and analysis, or we can jump into the trench with you and build a better CI function than your competitors.

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A Buyer's Guide is how you overcome buyer inertia and turn prospects into customers.

Your biggest barrier to sales is buyer inertia. Challenger buyers need 5.4 people to approve a purchase. That includes the skeptics.

You can overcome this inertia with a customer Buyer’s Guide that helps your prospects solve their problem. This guide isn’t about you: it’s about them.

More than blogging, content marketing is a core competency for modern marketing. But how?

There are lots of reasons you need great content marketing, and it’s not just about inbound-marketing and search engines. 

It’s also not as easy as asking Generative AI to generate 1,000 articles and publishing them. We help you do the best — and avoid the worst — practices.

Testimonials and case studies are gold mines, but there's some right and wrong ways to do them.

It’s amazing how few companies ask their customers for testimonials and case studies. But that’s not all: there are many types of customer intelligence you can share with prospects, and you don’t always need permission.

Sharing customer success should be the #1 job of everyone in the company, on the front page of your website, and in your sales and marketing materials.

$100bn of products and services are fulfilled in cloud marketplaces in 2023: are you there for 2024?

Cloud hyperscalers have established marketplaces for “cloud adjacent” products and services. They also have customers with committed spend that they can use to buy your stuff.

Add already agreed Terms of Service, contracts, and ability to create private offers: if you’re slightly cloud adjacent, you must be in one or more marketplaces.

Prospects trust presales who understand them and help solve their problems.

Great technical presales is about connecting things: connecting your offer to your prospect’s problem and situation; connecting what prospects want to your product/service development team; and connecting prospect intelligence back into HQ sales and marketing to learn from what happens in the field.

Apply the challenger model to navigate the 5.4 prospect staff and overcome buyer inertia.

Known as the red book (Sales) and blue book (Customer), and now owned by Gartner, knowing how to use these techniques helps you navigate enterprise prospects.

How to win over the skeptic? How to give them a roadmap? And most important of all: how to overcome buyer inertia.

Wrap your product in great documentation to help people learn and get great value.

Modern APIs and code can create documentation — if built that way. But even that doesn’t complete the bridge between your users and your product.

Explaining use cases and orienting your product flow around your users, putting information at their finger tips, are just some hallmarks of great technical writing.

More than just a template, how to research, build, offer, and manage a services proposal.

Building service proposals is about problem solving, team work, communication, and business acumen. 

That seemingly simple short proposal is just the tip of arrow which took a team of people to create.

Need a bespoke service?

Get what you need when you need it when you “roll your own” service. 

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