There are four ways to engage with Viewyonder: Day Rate; Package; Retainer; Project.

Day Rate

Prices start from £500.

  • Day rate is a flexible way to get help. 
  • Subject to availability, so buying ahead of time makes sense.
  • The rate card depends on the work being done.
  • Buy online or pay by bank transfer/invoice. 

Prices start from £500 and you can choose between 1 and 5 days.


Prices start from £750.

Check out the standard packages on our services page.

There are buy now options, plus you can contact us for any questions or changes.


Prices start from £1,000.

If you need different help from month to month, a retainer makes sense.

For a monthly price, we can agree a variable statement of work and decide, month to month, what to do for what outcomes.

  • Pay only by bank transfer/invoice. 
  • New customers require 50% first month deposit up front.

Prices range from £1,000 to £10,000 per month, and can change during the engagement.


Prices start from £2,500.

The traditional services engagement model, we explore a proposal together that forms a and agreed statement of work for a fixed price.

Payments are made by milestone instead of month and the budget is fixed, as are the deliverables. There is also a time-boundary applied.

  • Pay only by bank transfer/invoice. 
  • New customers require 50% deposit or Milestone 1 up front.

This is a popular model for more complex engagements especially where multiple parties are involved so roles, responsibilities, and work packages are clearly defined.


Tell us what you’re looking for, ask for samples, check on pricing.

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