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Privacy Policy

We’re simple company with transparent values: we adhere to laws, and we won’t abuse your information, trying our best to not have your information in the first place!

Who we are

Viewyonder’s website address is

Our company address is 15 Queen Sq, Leeds, LS2 8AJ.


We do not collect cookies or track your activity.

Your data

We try not collect your data on, except for the most basic, normal, legal business use.

If you submit a contact form, then your name, email, and message will be stored on our email provider.

If you buy a service using our “buy now” features, then our payment processor, Stripe, store essential payment related data separate from Viewyonder, and they have their own privacy policy. 

We promise:

Not to spam you.
Not to water board you with drip feeds.
Not to set an SDR on you.
Not to sell your information.

We do promise to respond
so ask us anything. 🤗

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