How to improve page quality with a Google page quality scorecard

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How can you improve the quality of your web pages in the eyes of your users and Google? Is it a dark art? Or is it a path well trodden? This is a sign post that can direct you and pages in the right direction!

Introducing the Google Page Quality Rating Scorecard

I’m sat here working on my new Viewyonder website, listening to Guy Garvey’s From the Vaults music show to drown out the sound of March rain on the window. But my morning has just been cheered as I came across a helpful page quality guide from Cyrus Shepard, Founder of Zyppy SEO.

Cyrus knows a thing or two about SEO and page quality. He even puts in some part-time hours as a Google Quality Rate.

But I’m not Cyrus, and neither are you (unless it’s you, Cyrus! Hello!) — so the question is, other than rubbing Cyrus’s brass knocker for luck, how do we get some page quality juice?

Well, the ever helpful Cyrus has published a Google Page Quality Rating Scorecard for you and I to leverage. 

Here’s what it looks like:

Viewyonder Google Page Quality Scorecard

Go get the scorecard and instructions from Zyppy SEO

There’s no replacement for reading the official Google Quality Rater Guidelines — you’ll get much more out of the scorecard using it as a reminder rather than a teacher — but Cyrus has detailed instructions on how to get the most out of the guide.

Get yourself over to Introducing the Google Page Quality Rating Scorecard on Zyppy SEO.

Your website pages and their dear readers will love you more for it!

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