Nima Badiey on the evolution of partnerships and cloud marketplaces

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This was an information-packed webinar hosted by Clazar CEO, Trunal Bhanse, on the channel. Nima Badiey is overflowing with experience and enthusiasm. After listening to Nimar, I swear grass grows from everywhere he places his footsteps 😂

Why watch the video?

Cloud marketplaces are really going places. 

There were so many great points in this video, it’s impossible to “simply summarize” it. You have to listen to it and make your own notes, extract your own value and actions. It’s worth the hour if you’re “into” cloud partners and cloud marketplaces, like me. 🤗

I have ten actions minimum from this webinar — you’ll see the fruit of those labours in the coming weeks here on Viewyonder.

I hope you get the same value — I’d love to hear from you. Contact me or find me on LinkedIn or X.

What's in the video?

In a world where digital transformation is the key to staying ahead, Nima Badiey – Strategic Enterprise Partnerships leader at Nvidia — sheds light on the profound impact of cloud marketplaces in modernizing sales and partnerships.

With a rich background from Joyent to GitLab, and monumental growth achievements at Google, Nima has been a pivotal figure in evolving these platforms from basic discovery channels to comprehensive commercial ecosystems.

In this video, Trunal and Nima explore:

  • The evolution of cloud marketplaces into critical sales channels
  • Strategies for enhancing business operations through automated and integrated cloud GTM solutions.
  • Insights into aligning sales teams and incentivizing cloud marketplace success
  • The future of cloud marketplaces, including automation, integration, and the importance of private offers.

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More about the host and guest

Big thanks to both host Trunal Bhanse from and guest, Nima Badiey, for a really interesting session. 

Who is Trunal Bhanse?

Trunal is CEO @ Clazar. As well as these awesome webinars, Tunal also writes some great insights on cloud marketplace and go-to-market on LinkedIn. Like this one (which I TOTALLY AGREE WITH!): To find cloud GTM success, you must first solve its ‘people’ problem.

Who are Clazar?

Clazar are creating a modern way to sell SaaS software. Clazar helps SaaS companies sell via Cloud Marketplace. Their platform helps companies scale from their first deal to thousands of deals seamlessly.

Who is Nima Badiey?

Nima has a stellar CV and is currently running Strategic Partnerships at NVIDIA. As he said on the webinar, “You don’t go to university to do partnerships”, instead you “end up there” like he has through his Joyent, Pivotal, and other experiences. Why? Because you learn, on that journey, that one product can solve all of a customer’s problems: you need to partner to deliver more value.

Who is Viewyonder?

Steve Chambers, with expert associates, offer fractional services to tech B2Bs like cloud partners in cloud marketplaces.

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