Don’t let the Google Helpful Content Update be a Harmful Content Update for your site

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Black hat SEOs. Parasitic SEO. AI creating "derivative shlock at scale is a recipe for ruin." Don't be in that group being battered by HCU. Here's some sage advice from SEO experts -- in a nutshell, "create helpful content for humans."

How to NOT be de-indexed by Google

The short answer to NOT getting battered by the Google HCU is to create helpful, useful content for humans (not for the search engine). E-E-A-T is just one aspect.

Chris Silver Smith is one of the “good” SEOs that doesn’t do any of the unhelpful content bad practices. What are they? 

Here’s Chris’s excellent list of guidance — check out his tweet here.

SEO advice from Chris Silver Smith

The list of advice from Chris is this:

  1. Don’t do illicit link building.
  2. If you do “bad SEO” then don’t brag about it on social media.
  3. If you are complaining about being hit by HCU on social media, then people will consider you “a bit dodgy”.
  4. My favourite quote from Chris: “AI content generation responsibly: creating derivative shlock at scale is a recipe for ruin.”
  5. Focus on quality instead of shortcuts to search success.

Be safe out there! Contact us if you have questions, need help, or a shoulder to cry on…

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