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This simple Google Sheet helps you follow the Google Page Quality checks and track your scores -- so you can work out how well you're doing, and what to fix.

This simple Google Sheet helps you follow the Google Page Quality checks and track your scores — so you can work out how well you’re doing, and what to fix.

Why and what is Google Page Quality health checking?

I wrote previously about the industry and Google standard of 8 checks for page quality. Then I gave an example of it for Tech B2B. As a quick refresher, each page or post is checked for these 8 things:

  1. BENEFICIAL – Is the page harmful on purpose, or is it beneficial?
  2. POTENTIAL – Could it cause harm, or is it not expected to cause harm?
  3. TITLE – Is the page/post title misleading, or an accurate summary?
  4. CONTENT – Grade the main content for effort, originality, talent, skill, and accuracy.
  5. ADS – Do ads and supplementary content get in the way?
  6. CREATOR – Was this created by the website/author?
  7. REPUTATION – What’s the reputation of the website/author?
  8. TRUST – What’s the trustworthiness of the page and the E-E-A-T profile?

While tech B2B is not normally a “Your Money Your Life” site, so the “trust” is somewhat not as serious — it’s still important.

How does the tool help?

It’s not a fancy SaaS that you need a monthly sub for, or something you have to download from the internet and install on your device.

It’s a simple Google Sheet you can copy/download/whatever with the basic structure and scoring for you to start from.

The tool helps because it gives you structure, the scoring, and a way to track it without needing a PhD.

How do I use the tool?

Go to the link below and copy/download the Google Sheet.

Then add rows for each of your pages… use a shortname for them in column 1 and make sure you add a hyperlink so people know exactly which page it is.

Then you just give the page a score.

Don’t know how to score pages/posts?

Go back to this post on page quality scorecard and get the details and link.

Once you have filled in the scores, where you’re not getting 10/10, then fix those things.

Next steps

  • Fix the gaps.
  • Schedule a regular audit.
  • Bake in the best practices to your content creation.


Where do I get the Viewyonder simple page quality scorecard tool?

We’ve made it available on a read-only Google Sheet:

If you have any questions on this process, or ideas about the tool, give us a quick message.

This tool is a simple, freebie – there’s no support or anything. But we always love hearing ideas to evolve it.

If you make a better version, share with us and we’ll link to your tool instead.

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