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Tech B2B Blog Post Service

Blog Post Service

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Great blog posts for tech B2B require more than just a ChatGPT prompt.

There are 8 steps in the Viewyonder Blog Post Service.

We’ve been blogging for nearly 20 years and while some things have changed, some things have not. 

Interest, accuracy, quality, speed, and business goals are still key ingredients.


Our 8-step process for each blog makes sure you get a unique, interesting, and business-aligned article that adds value to your business.

From the initial brief to helping you atomize and distribute through channels, our blog service is at the opposite end of the spectrum from ChatGPT zero-shot prompts.


Blogs that are woven into your business, such as helping visitors with buyer intent to “get over the line”, or repurposing blogs into sales enablement content for your front line troops — you are already ahead of your competition.

Evergreen blogs really help your brand. Just-in-time blogs, aligned to events, are also great to show you are on the ball.

Who is it for?

Busy marketing teams — or often one-person Swiss Army Knives! — add bandwidth and expertise with the Viewyonder Blog Service.

We also work directly with CxOs, sales and growth teams, and product experts who want help to get their story out.

Our speciality is writing about topics we know deeply, including cloud tech, marketplaces, security, and much more.


  • Alignment with content strategy/engine.
  • Alignment with go to market (positioning, messaging, business goals).
  • Content series and distribution.
  • Research sources inc. interviews.
  • Content creation guidelines including style guide, branding, distribution.


  • The Brief explains what we’ve agreed to do, like a mini-statement of work.
  • Blog word count is usually between 800-1200 words. No hard and fast rules — longer is usually faster 😭
  • The blog deliverable includes all the elements from research, to interviews, outline, draft, and final, plus distribution / channel plan.
  • Next steps for follow on content, management.

Key activities

  1. Collaborate on the blog brief.
  2. Research — where are our sources?
  3. Interviews with internal/external SMEs.
  4. Outline — is this what we’re aiming for?
  5. Draft inc. images, check style (e.g. journalistic?).
  6. Review.
  7. Final.
  8. Distribution.

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Scope and pricing

This is a fixed price, fixed scope, and time-bound engagement.

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