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Tech B2B Competitive Intelligence Service

While every company does some kind of competitive intelligence, it can sometimes be lo-fi “best effort” and not as effective as the executive expect, or the front line sales team needs.

This competitive intelligence service is based on a day rate because the market is so varied in terms of present mode vs. future mode: some companies just need some extra bandwidth in an already mature competitive function, whereas others are starting from scratch.

Talk to us and we’ll work out together what’s best for you now, and in the future.

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The work required depends on where you’re starting from, where you need to get to, and how you get there.

For smaller projects, you can augment your team and outsource some research to us.

For larger projects, we can collaborate on planning and adding best practices and tooling.


Everybody needs competitive intelligence. At the heart of internal positioning you need to explain your differentiated value which necessitates an understanding of the market.

Your front-line sales team needs this intelligence to give prospects commercial insight, to handle objections, and to feel confident as they fight the good fight!

Who is it for?

This type of engagement is often sponsored by an executive, but the main people we work with are marketing. Sometimes it’s the head of sales who feels like they are missing some ammunition and it’s impacting their performance.


  • Evaluating your current CI capabilities with gap analysis.
  • CI best practice implementation.
  • CI tooling.
  • CI research.


Depends whether it’s a small or large project, but some examples are:

  • CI Capability Report.
  • CI Improvement plan (and actions).
  • CI Tool selection and implementation.

Key activities

  1. Create a brief on what competitive intelligence support you need.
  2. Activities then depend upon the plan: see the Topics and Deliverables examples above.

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Scope and pricing

Due the highly-variable market, this our competitive intelligence offering comes in three flavours:

Reactive CI

circa £5,000

3 competitors

Proactive CI

from £1,000

Gap analysis
Best practices
Tool selection
Research and KB



Build your own short- or long-term competitive intelligence  collaboration with us.

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