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Our speciality is weaving tech industry knowledge into great content for you.

But who are you?

This page explains what we’re about, but maybe you’re just looking for what we do?

Viewyonder loves startups

Are you a Startup?

We work with startups who need to establish a community around their offering. Our role starts with using content to connect company to community.

We’ve worked in, and we like, startups.

We know some of what you need, but we really like finding out new things with you.

We’re a straight-forward company more suited to startups but we have some big clients in our portfolio, who need a unique content approach to complement their existing campaigns. With startups the work tends to be more full on and we like full on.

Viewyonder works with leaders

Are you a Leader?

We’ve worked with CxOs, VP Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Account Managers, Professional Services.

Whoever you are, you need more than just a writer.

You need a good writer who understands you. We understand because we’ve done similar roles and we can swap war stories with you.

That’s how we know you don’t just do online social content and think you’re done. You have to connect online to offline. People still buy from people, and we like that because we write for people and we like to make it personal.

Viewyonder works with specialists

Are you a Specialist?

You might be a marketing expert, you might be a website author. You might be a specialist in your field that needs great, tech industry content to plug into your campaign.

No matter what kind of specialist or campaign, we can find a fit.

We are small, fast and agile and fit into campaigns of all shapes. We only need one meeting to understand the scope and how we can fit into your campaign, then we’ll walk through a proposal.

We help specialists by creating webinars, writing blogs and anything custom. We can present the webinars or in person at your event. Whatever you need.

Five reasons why Viewyonder different

  1. 1. We know the tech business. We know Cloud. and Code. and Culture.

2. We know content marketing, from wordsmithing to social automation.

3. We don’t measure success in word counts.

4. We listen, we learn, we think, we communicate.

5. We co-create value with you, and that’s what makes us all happy.

Steve Chambers
Steve Chambers

Steve Chambers is our Founder and Managing Director.

Steve has been learning to write and earning his stripes across a double-decade career at companies such as Loudcloud, VMware, Cisco, VCE and Microsoft.

As a prolific content creator and sought-after writer and public speaker, Steve has started Viewyonder to develop into a new kind of content agency for the 21st century. He doesn’t know how it will end, but he’s having fun finding out!

Steve Kaplan Testimonial for Steve Chambers
Steve Kaplan Testimonial for Steve Chambers

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